The Brook Trout and the Dobson Fly


The outer brown rings on the spots are all one of the “Brookies” common meals, Dobson Fly Larvae.

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Brook Trout:  Salvelinus fontinalis

These trout are one of the prettiest and are a very popular sport fish.  They grow to an average length of about fifty-three centimeters (twenty-one inches) and a weight of about six kilograms.(fourteen pounds).  They are actually native to Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States but they are common Western fish now. They prefer cold, clear, fresh water normally but are found in salt water and tidal streams.  Looking after our streams and creeks is essential for the survival of fish like these. The outer brown rings on the spots are all one of the “Brookies” common meals, Dobson Fly Larvae in the family Corydalidae. These larvae live in streams under stones.

Lincoln’s Sparrow: Melospiza lincolnii

I don’t know why this shy little sparrow (pictured in the gill area) showed up. It could be the fact they spend their winters in grassy patches near brush, trees,streams, and bodies of water like the ones the Brook Trout are found in. These sparrows are smaller than a song sparrow and tend to be solitary though they do sometimes form loose groups.They nest in dense brush areas.There voice is a series of continual husky trills similar to those of a House wren.

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