Giant Sea Bass


Inside the adult bass are a huge number of stylized fish representing how abundant our fish populations used to be. Also pictured is a large gray seal and three smaller ones.

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The Giant Sea Bass:  Stereolepis gigas

These bass grow to lengths of 7.5 feet and weigh up to 557 lb. This painting is of the three stages of growth. It takes 11 to 13 years for them to mature. These fish live over rocky bottoms and kelp beds. They are a favourite of divers and anglers.
Inside the adult bass there are numerous stylized fish to represent the drastic decline of this and other fish species. Their capture by commercial and sport fishermen has been banned in Californian waters since 1981.
Also pictured is a large gray seal and three smaller ones:

Gray Seal:  Halichoerus grypus

These mammals weigh 550 to 880 pounds and grow to lengths of 7.5 to 10 feet. They are pinnipeds or “true” seals having short flippers and no external ear flaps. They live in large groups during the mating, pupping and moulting seasons and do not eat during these times. At other times they eat four to six percent of their body weight daily and can be found alone or in small or large groups both on land and at sea. Their diets consist of fish and eels, crustaceans, squid, octopus and sometime even sea birds. They live for 25 to 35 years..

In the intermediate fish you’ll find a common west coast sight:

River Otters:  Lutra canadensis

These are what’s commonly seen on our western shores. They have adapted to ocean waters. They are hydrodynamic members of the weasel family and are voracious predators. They feed on fish, invertebrates, frogs, clams crayfish and even small birds. They use their long whiskers underwater to feel for the movement of their prey. Otters are sociable animals and live in groups consisting of a mother and her various generations of pups. Males often leave their mothers to form bachelor group. They spend a lot of their time playing with each other and are great fun to watch.

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